Valve Reaper


An eminently practical overdrive/distortion hybrid, purposely designed to deliver musical signal clipping across the entire frequency spectrum. 

Semper utilis!

The Valve Reaper employs a unique parallel gain structure that sweeps from a dynamically driven overdrive to a sweet sustaining distortion; in between you are destined to find your own holy grail of tone. Adjust the gain ratio according to taste and genre.


  • Unique gain and EQ topology
  • 18 volts (+/-9V) of boosted dynamic headroom
  • True mechanical bypass
  • Carefully selected MOSFET arrays
  • Active volume control
  • Premium quality components
  • Small batch assembly

Product Reviews

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Valve Reapper
Written by Christopher Bloomer on Mar 17th 2018

Excellent build quality, very easy to find the right balance between overdrive and distortion. Each side sounds great on it's own, but having the ability to blend them is fantastic. Highly recommended

Great Pedal
Written by Vic Lundell on Mar 15th 2018

This pedal is built like a tank and sounds great! Very smooth transition between overdrive and compressed distortion. Easy to dial in the tone you are looking for...quality hand built...highly recommended!

Greenchild is a Game Changer
Written by Ciano M. on Oct 7th 2017

Geeenchild delivers incredible versatility via these beautifully crafted tools. The Valve Reaper and K818 generate exciting and new tonal options, adding dynamics to all my projects. I’ve used many pedals in this category and Greenchild is a game changer.