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Thresher is a high gain beast featuring parallel signal paths (clean/dirty), a unique and versatile tone stack, and an active volume boost on the tail end to drive your amp or other effects into thick saturated glory!

Twist the gain knob fully counter-clockwise and the drive section is completely bypassed; you have a powerful clean boost on tap.

Twist the gain knob fully clockwise and you have the ultimate high gain predator at your feet.

In between gain limits, the parallel signal paths are mixed to deliver musical signal clipping across the entire frequency spectrum. The 'Bone Ray' tone stack is simple yet flexible, and will enable you to dial in your desired tone with only two knobs.

Thresher features an active Baxandall volume boost (level knob) on the tail end of the signal chain, equipping you with just the right amount of volume control to drive your amp or other effects with ease.

Our compact enclosure features top mounted jacks that displace as much horizontal board space as a mini-pedal equipped with side jacks.

Features at a glance

  • Breaker-style gain architecture
  • Parallel clean / dirty signal paths
  • Buffered input/output
  • Active Baxandall volume boost
  • 18VDC boosted internal power supply 
  • Unique, space efficient enclosure
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Powerful two knob tone stack
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Soft switching
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed & assembled in the USA

Greenchild gear is designed with premium, audio-grade components and meticulous attention to detail. Our pedals will serve as valuable tools in your tone arsenal for years to come.

Semper utilis!

*Power adapter and batteries not included

Product Reviews

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Written by CCL on Apr 21st 2019

Greenchild is a relatively new addition to a board that has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of members over the years. It says something that this one has me selling a few (more well-known) alternatives. Built like a tank but very modest in size, the sweep of this pedal is astounding. Grimy gain, yes, and just a hint of fuzz underneath, but what will make Thresher a star for a multi-genre player and/or individual with many disparate guitars to feature is its adaptability. The EQ and boost possibilities take it well beyond most dirt boxes. Set and forget if you want to, but one can easily kill an hour or two tweaking this deceptive little beauty for all manner of missions. Top notch work.

THRESHER is badassssss!
Written by The Mad Hatter on Feb 28th 2019

Ok, this is the same topology as the King Of Tone, which costs like a zillion bucks and a waiting list.. It also has that new small, square enclosure that Inlove, the metal is that cool, anodized, w the satin,brushed texture, doesn’t show any loaded jacks, all the Greenchildz fit side to side..and look cool together.. I feel like it was a tough call putting this or my Kursk on my board, I like this pedal for my rehearsal space, I have a cheap amp there. Thresher takes a boxy sounding,cheap amp with horrible EQ and gives it a really good, warm, organic overdrive, which cleans up exceptionally well,roll down the volume on the guitar and that’s all you need. The Thresher is a little different from my other dirt pedals,it has a raw, gritty quality..not as open sounding as my Mr Boost, or as bright.. but it has this badass,creamy 60’s quality that seems versatile, it’ll do heavy Black Sabbath when you turn it up, and anything bluesy, though I didn’t feel like it was trying o be a blues driver, it felt more interesting than that. I have a video of me playing it in my robe,on YouTube.. I play new pedals as soon as I wake up, 6:20 AM while the wife is in the shower..In the video I literally put it all on noon,flipped on the amp, picked up an axe and pressed record. the video has that tone I described, but It’s way more versatile, it’ll do bright, warm, creamy, or barely crunchy at all..I just like to use it this way, and for low gain I use my Mr Boost. Here’s the video:

Written by Scott Tufts on Jan 4th 2019

Just got this. Ran it through a Vox, Fender Twin, JCM 800 and a Blackstar amp. I played a’97 MIA Fender Strat Standard with Laces and a ‘87 Gibson Standard with Pro Buckers. First I was impressed with the amount of headroom with the Thresher..really opens up your amp. The Mids and Tilt knobs are very tweakable and intuitive with each other. Depending on how you set the gain the Mids can beef it up or scoop. Get a nice tube screaming type tones or some real good OD/ Distortion when pushed..especially with the LP. My Strat really loves this pedal and it’ll be a mainstay on my board. Another home run from Greenchild.