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As much as we love the original Klon Centaur, we felt the pedal's design could be significantly improved for the better, all while maintaining the mojo of our favorite icon of tone.

We've preserved the classic gain topology (essentially the 1st half of the circuit) and incorporated several improvements to the supporting architecture.

Upgrades include a more useful tone stack, an active volume boost on the tail end to drive you amp or other effects with ease, and a regulated and filtered power supply for improved signal to noise ratio.

You get everything we love about the original Klon, yet with improved tone versatility and studio quality performance. 

Having visions of dancing Centaurs on the Siberian steppe?

Features at a glance

  • Transparent Klon inspired overdrive
  • Parallel clean / overdriven signal paths
  • Buffered input/output
  • Active Baxandall tone stack
  • Active Baxandall volume boost
  • 27VDC boosted internal power supply 
  • Unique, space efficient enclosure
  • Top mounted jacks
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Soft switching
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed & assembled in the USA

Our compact enclosure features top mounted jacks that displace as much horizontal board space as a mini-pedal equipped with side jacks.

Greenchild gear is designed with premium, audio-grade components and meticulous attention to detail. Our pedals will serve as valuable tools in your tone arsenal for years to come.

Semper utilis!

*Power adapter and batteries not included


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 13 ratings)
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Written by Andy Buslovich on May 27th 2020

This overdrive is just so special. Something you’ll find with many other majestic centaurian flavored drive pedals is that you can find 1 or 2 good tones to dial. This thing... no matter how you cook it, there’s just not a bad sound that lives within. It’s tonal range is wide, and its size is small. You can squeeze it onto your board easily and you won’t regret it. IMPORTANTLY- This overdrive gets along delightfully with other drive/boost pedals. Pair this guy with a TS style pedal of your choice and you’ll never escape the rich harmonic overtone series. Stick a Greenchild Mr. Boost in front of it to push the gain into even more heat. Long live the Kursk. -Andy

Excellent pedal
Written by Casey Golde on May 10th 2020

I recently purchased the Kursk Drive pedal and I absolutely love it. I’m the past few days I have owned the pedal, I have put it through its paces. Sonically, it works well as a low gain boost for the clean channels on my 40 watt Vox combo to an eq boost to my Peavey 6505+. Straight out of the box with every control knob set in the middle, it sounds fantastic. I should also mention the construction is high quality and clean. This pedal really is a great deal for those looking for an affordable Klon clone. I look forward to buying pedals from Greenchild in the future.

Title says it all
Written by Kevin on May 10th 2020

Amazing pedal - and truly not just a Klon clone. I’ve used this into my HX Stomp, my Blackstar HT60, and when this lockdown is over, will be plugging it into my Fender Bassbreaker 30R (which is also a first run amp used by Sweetwater for NAMM when it was first released). It has so much more dynamics in tone and variability in sounds then any Klon clone I’ve played. Really enjoying the versatility of this pedal to drive the preamps off my amps. I love it so much, I dug up my pedalboard, and doing a complete rebuild with it in its own loop in my switcher. Thanks for all the hard work in designing and building this pedal. This thing is an absolute tank!

Kursk Review
Written by Eric Weiler on Apr 30th 2020

Mason... the Kursk is so sick man!!! The gain doesn’t fall apart like the original Klon at high gain and the treble and bass controls are freaking brilliant! At high gain you can bring the lows back in and really punish the speakers! Y’all nailed it!!!

Kursk overdrive
Written by Raymond Brown on Apr 29th 2020

Great pedal ...stands out from the rest! High quality and performs flawlessly....get one!

Beautiful and musical
Written by Andrew Bellware on Mar 8th 2020

This Centaur-like pedal is just lovely to play, touch-sensitive, and has a wide range of sound.

Icon of Tone
Written by Anthony Sims on Dec 27th 2019

One of the best overdrives I’ve heard. The ONLY one I purchased in 2019’if that tells you anything.

Kursk Overdrive
Written by Peter Johnston JampacJ on Dec 1st 2019

Greenchild and Mason, you have done it! The Kursk Overdrive is the coolest gritty blues pedal the breaks up just right! Keep up the good work!

Fantastic !!
Written by Pablo Faraco on Nov 26th 2019

It is impressive, natural and with a point more distortion than other over drive, in a clean amp channel, playing chords no note is lost! I advise it in any musical style.

Written by Scott Tufts on Apr 30th 2019

Once again Greenchild has knocked it out of the ballpark with the Kursk. This is one powerful well built pedal that to me exceeds the “Klon type pedals”. A lot of headroom and this baby makes my strats sing. My Twin loves this pedal. My favorite of all Greenchild gear. I’m also stacking it with the Thresher which is all I need...get one!

Kursk and Klazo
Written by Mark Stanford on Mar 2nd 2019

I played guitar back in the late sixties. Yeah...I am that old. Anyway...family..job and other stuff got in the way and I stopped playing. When I retired in 2013 I had time , so the journey began again to find that certain "tone" that had been in my head all these years. All us guitarists go through this. Countless pedals and amps later, I have finally found what I was looking for. The Kursk and Klazo used in tandem are the greatest sounding pedals I have ever owned. That creamy overdrive is the most beautiful thing in the world. I am glad I found Greenchild and hope they come up with some other great pedals. If you are on the fence about trying one or both of these fine pedals, go for it! Mark - Seal Beach, CA

Little red box of EVIL
Written by Kevin G on Feb 28th 2019

Ok, I LOVE drive pedals, I can list you about 16 of them sitting next to me now, and of those, I own: Greenchild Kursk, Greenchild Mr Boost (always on) Greenchild Klazo Greenchild Thresher Greenchild G777 (green channel is sublime) The Kursk behaves like a Klon, with the amazing added feature of having both a bass and treble knob, either can be boosted OR cut, (Which is so invaluable to me) the difference between all these flavors of drive pedals is mostly the EQ, To be able to take a fairly transparent,overdriven tone, add more jangly top end, or more sharpness and top to Metallica style metal chugging,that’s like tailoring your tone to sound like YOUR pedal,your design.. I like lots of tight,low end girth to my metal tones, the bass control lets me ease up nice low end frequencies, chosen by Mason,to be tight and huge,not muddy..he has a GREAT ear,and knows exactly what he’s doing. I don’t adore every pedal he makes, ( I’m the worlds pickiest pedal guy, I return 4-5 pedals for each one I keep) I can always spot something wrong with popular fx, I hate Phase 90’s because they leak phasey sounding artifacts when bypassed,only I seem to be able to hear this,it seems. I returned The Angry Charlie,The Friedman BE-OD, Wampler Pinnacle,Wampler Ego,TC Mimic,and countless other forgotten,expensive pedals because they screwed with my EQ or the fidelity, if I heard any tone suck or change in EQ, the pedal went back. I can wholeheartedly say,The Kursk is built like a tank, it has this cool brushed,anodized red metal enclosure, it’s tiny, but not Chinese mini pedal-cheap looking. The silent switch and strong jacks are nice,strong..top loaded jacks,so all his pedals fit side to side perfectly,saving space and looking great..little multicolored squares of primary colors,all matching. This builder was some type of Military Engineering whiz in the Navy, so I trust he takes pride in his own work,and uses military grade components where he can,with the discipline and standards of a Navy Engineer. The fact that the builder/designer/proprietor has those high, military-grade standards,and is also this real cool, musician/guitar nerd-family man, like myself.. I really like that,and trust that. I’ve gotten great tips on using his pedals from him, he is always accessible via social media to guide customers on how to use these pedals. The bass and treble knobs are SO good, it’ll be your pedal,once u start fooling w them. start at noon, then ease the treble up, find a sweet spot, repeat w bass.. I tried putting my Mr Boost in FRONT of the Kursk pedal, instead of the usual boosting-an-overdrive method, and I got this raunchy,gritty,unique kind of fuzz-overdrive.. almost Rat-like. But not really, some kind of odd clipping, like an overdrive Sunn amp, I switched back to standard configuration,because it’s cleaner,higher fidelity,but I’ll continue using that sound too, you should try it! This is my first Klone,but of all Greenchild’s overdrive’s I put this one on my board,I think the Mr Boost/Kursk combo will stay on it for a long time. online demos are very accurate, sleeper pedal,this thing should be on every board.

Klon Killer!
Written by Dale Antoniuk on Jan 14th 2019

After spending a few days with my new Kursk, I must say I am very impressed...! Low to med + gain overdrive, works well with single coils and humbuckers. Has a warm tone, never too bright or shrill sounding, very harmonic. Have been able to dial in some really good blues and classic rock sounds with my Strats, Teles and PRS. Through amps running both 6L6 tubes and EL-84s. One thing I have noticed is the volume and gain are quiet sensitive, work hand in hand togeather, and need to be adjusted as so. A slight adjustment of gain will effect your volume / output. Very impressed with the build quality, fast shipping and the hands on customer service from Mason. I've tried a lot of overdrive pedals looking for that perfect tone and drive combination, I think I found it in my new Kursk ! : )