Klazo Drive Merch Kit


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Guitar tone is sacred in these parts. As fellow guitar players, we get it!

Let us hook you up with some awesome KLAZO DRIVE MERCH and general information for you to learn all about Greenchild and how we can help transform your tone.

Your merch kit includes:

  • One 8.5" x 5.5" Klazo Drive poster
  • Two awesome die cut stickers
  • Two guitar picks
  • Exclusive insider information
  • TOP SECRET discount code
  • NO BS
  • Tons of LOVE

The merch is FREE. You pay just $2 for worldwide shipping & handling. That's it.

Let's make some noise!

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings)
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cool merch
Written by Kevin Ross on Jul 7th 2020

cool looking merch totally awesome stuff.

Awesome gift from Greenchild
Written by David Hammermann on Jun 24th 2020

I love this poster, it is small and fits on my office wall. The sticker and picks were great as well. Thanks so much! I needed some good news to arrive.

Merch kit
Written by Jorge Montes on Jun 23rd 2020

Awesome kit, now start saving for a drive pedal. Thanks.

Merch kit
Written by Oscar Rangel Jr. on Jun 22nd 2020

Nice merch selection! Great art poster

Written by Berke on Jun 17th 2020

I like the poster. 5 stars from me!

klazo drive merch kit
Written by Stephen Eckhardt on May 24th 2020

love evertything i got from the 51/2 x81/2 card to the pick and strick {already on my tool box

Klazo Drive Poster
Written by PampacJ on May 23rd 2020

Awesome 2 sided poster with great graphics on one side and all your info on the Klazo Drive on the other side. I have 2 of these posters now and the colors of the Serpent lady head goes great with my Fender Pro Jr. IV and Klazo Drive itself! Presnentation is key and the sound/tone is a perfect representation of the Monster Tone the Klazo produces! Thank you Greenchild Amplification for keeping the Rock Alive!

Klazo Drive Merch Kit
Written by Bob MacDonald on Apr 20th 2020

Very cool, love the graphics

Klazo Drive
Written by Hal Anderson on Apr 13th 2020

Just the overdrive “Limp Bizkit” “Stained” sound I was looking for. It is adjustable so you can change the amount of distortion as you like.