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Two Iconic Overdrives in One

The ultimate hybrid? Only you can be the judge.

The K818 is a dual overdrive preamp bred through and through with Klon and OD-820 inspired DNA. With a wide dynamic range, sweet overdrive, and lowered noise floor, the K818 is well suited to cover a variety of playing styles and genres; most notably blues-rock!

Notable Features

  • Boosted PSU with 30 volts of dynamic headroom (+/- 15V) 
  • Two independent channels
  • Transparent buffered input/output
  • Soft clipping overdrive
  • Lowered noise floor
  • Series channel stacking with smooth overdrive and sustain
  • Accepts standard 9VDC power supply (not included)

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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Fantastic Overdrive Pedal
Written by Daniel Gerber on Aug 22nd 2019

I absolutely love the sounds that I have been able to create with my Greenchild K818 pedal. When I saw that the K-818 was sold out on the site, I asked if anymore would be made. I was told not in the foreseeable future, but I was referred to Gear Hero that had 1 available. It was a special edition in green. I am so glad I purchased the pedal. I feel somewhat special like I got the last new K-818 available, and it's even a special color. The sound is so crisp and clear. The Tube screamer tone is way smoother than my Ibanez TS-9. This pedal really stacks well with my EHX Crayon too. I can't wait to get more experience with it. Great job Mason!!! I hope you decide to make more K-818s so other players will be able to enjoy them too!!

Excellent pedal for excellent tone!
Written by Bob Salitsky on Aug 23rd 2018

The K818 is a fantastic pedal that takes two classic overdrive circuits and makes them even better. The noise floor is extremely low which is great for stacking the K818's two stages with each other as well as with other OD pedals. There is a ton of great tonal range possible with this pedal. The build quality is top notch and the footprint is nice considering it's really two pedals in one. Additionally Mason's personal attention to detail makes for a great customer experience.

Written by ERIC SCOTT on Aug 6th 2018

Mason just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for a great product . Had a chance to spend a couple hours with my K818. Running into a Deluxe Reverb it was absolutely everything I expected and nothing less . The Klon Circuit is dead on . The Tube Screamer circuit I think is actually better than the Ibanez 808DX I have been using . Two great pedals in one.

Great pedal, Great company
Written by Dave Shireman on Jun 7th 2018

No matter what style of music you play, you're going to find so many usable settings with this pedal. This is brilliant, and will give you a truly unique sound that will stand out from everyone else. As for this company, he will go above and beyond to make sure customers are taken care of and I couldn't be happier. Thank you guys!

Written by David Story on Apr 27th 2018

I love this pedal! It's like a Klon and a Tube Screamer in one pedal. I like being able to get nice controlled feedback with sustain and this pedal is silky smooth in that aspect. You can use it as a clean boost as well. It's very versatile and I like to play stuff like ZZ Top to Judas Priest. Buy it, you won't regret it. And, the designer/owner is a former U.S. Navy man just like me! It rocks.

My choice drive to stack
Written by Lorin Chak on Mar 27th 2018

Hi Mason, just wanted to drop a line saying why I love my K818: its on my tiny board because of the screamer and the klon are the two drives I want as boost or 2nd/3rd gain stages, all in a small box, clickless switches (thank you!), and 30v headroom?? My ears may not hear that added clarity but I know this is one irreplaceable pedal for me. Thanks!!

King of Tone!
Written by Michael McKenzie on Mar 27th 2018

The K818 delivers just the tone I was looking for, particularly when running from an 18 volt supply. It is truly exceptional and is everything I hoped it would be and it is now a mainstay on my board. I used to have several different boutique drives but I've since sold most of them on as the K818 not only does the same job, most importantly, it does it better. I heard about the pedal on the Intheblues youtube channel originally but wasn't sure about ordering something from the US to the UK but the shipping price and process was straight forward and the pedal arrived within a few days. You get a truly personal service from Mason who runs the company too. The pedal was showing as out of stock and I emailed to see when it might be available and Mason got one built for me within 24 hours. I really wouldn't think twice about recommending this pedal and the company to anyone.

Fantastic Effect Box!
Written by Victor L. on Oct 2nd 2017

Great experience buying from Greenchild!

Written by Calvin Schaeffer on Oct 1st 2017

The Greenchild K818 is a powerful and amazing device. After owning one for about a month now, I'm just beginning to understand the possibilities and the "oh wow factor" that this unique and powerful hybrid has to offer. By using the two isolated channels independently you can dial up the most incredible and useful lead and rhythm tones. This peddle has it all! I don't know how they did it but, channel 1 (Klon) gets right down to business giving a tight focused sound that is everything that i can ask for in a peddle, nice soft clipping, with the gain knob set around 12 o clock, crank the output a bit and fine tune with the treble....For me, it just doesn't get any better...until I engage channel 2! Two by itself is a step up the ladder. The OD-820 absolutely screams!!! Together the possibilities are endless. Tight, focused sound that cut through any mix! I hear the tones that remind me of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. Customizable lead and rhythm tones that I personally have NEVER been able to obtain from a single peddle or an amp combination before! if you are looking for something versatile and powerful, GET THIS PEDDLE! The customer service a Greenchild is unparalleled, you order it, it ships and tracks flawlessly. plus, you get updates in your Messenger along the way so you are never left in the dark wondering where your gear is. I can't say enough good things about the K818 or the Greenchild company, Thank you Greenchild!

Will I ever need another overdrive?
Written by Liam Milross on Sep 21st 2017

The simple answer is no...

Great pedal!!!
Written by Dave M. on Jul 26th 2017

I've tried several of the new TS pedals, but never really got on with them. This one though is really nice, and combines wonderfully with the Klon. One thing though, watch your power supply. I had it ganged with another pedal, and together the draw must have been too high and it was REALLY noisy. Once I gave it a separate plug (from the same power supply), it was quiet again.

This is the one !!!
Written by Richard boyer on Jul 12th 2017

Words cannot accurately describe how much this pedal kicks ass. I heard it live when I saw Hall & Oates in Washington DC. I had to have one, it sounded that good. After I received it and tweaked very little, I was in tone heaven. This pedal will never leave my board.

Tone for Days!
Written by Oliver C. on May 20th 2017

The K818 is an outstanding tone monster! This pedal replaced my AC booster running into a Green Rhino! Into a 65 Deluxe Reverb, I really cut through the mix! Thanks Mason Oliver

Written by Pete W. on May 8th 2017

Now that the title is out of the way. I have been searching for particular tones. A slightly over driven Vox sound, and a Live at Leeds kind of sound, but I didn't want a bunch of pedals to do it. I also can not play at those volumes. Fortunately, I found the K818. Gets pretty close, even if that was not the pedals original intention. (Versatility at it's best.) It can get you blues tones. It can get you British invasion tones. It can get that loud stack tones. Why buy three pedals, when you can get it in one

He loves it!
Written by PATRICIA C. on Mar 31st 2017

I bought the K818 for my son, Eric Hutchins, for his birthday. He's loving it.

K818 Dual Channel Overdrive
Written by Richard Reid on Feb 12th 2017

a Klon Centaur designed circuit on one channel and a Screamer circuit on the other and both are outstanding in their capabilities to dial in diverse and rich fatty full of headroom brown and clipped light to medium over drive sound scapes...full of character that still punch out whatever model of guitar and pickups you use and their tone tone and sound character...and both circuits work incredible together stacked or stacked with other drives..the Screamer circuit I like so well that I am actually dumping a 90's TS( Analogman modded out unit and selling ti as I like and feel the warmth of the K818 Screamer circuit was far superior even thoguh the TS9 has an actual TI JRC4558D chip in it...the K818 Screamer circuit was way better to my ears palette an d taste and I can stack the K88 with a Lovepedal Amp Eleven OD/Clean Boost or Lovepedal SRV Super Six to dial in even more bodacious guitar player's goose bump big grins in fat brown tones..and when I used my 1057 lap Slide with the K818, Wooo!, I dialed in everything from sweet fat Dwayne Allman tone characters to Warren Haynes Gov'tMule face melt burn...and you Humbucker and les paul players, your Humbucker players/users will love this drive as well!

K818 (Retro)
Written by Jay D. on Jan 2nd 2017

I really like the pedal. It has great tone and is very versatile. It's very well built. When the manuals are printed will you mail me a copy A friend of mine really likes the K818 and the Tribus pedal. Are you planning on making more of them