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// Two Unique Overdrives In One The G777 is a flexible workhorse that will enable you to get the most from your signal chain. You will not find a more purposely designed dual overdrive. With tons of headroom and wide dynamic range, the G777 is...
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// Two Iconic Overdrives in One The ultimate hybrid? Only you can be the judge. The K818 is a dual overdrive preamp bred through and through with Klon and OD-820 inspired DNA. With a wide dynamic range, sweet overdrive, and lowered noise floor,...
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Klazo Drive

$159.00 On Sale
// The ultimate always on overdrive! Klazo Drive is a dynamic, medium gain, transparent overdrive with an eminently useful tone stack. Klazo employs a novel current driven transconductance amplifier topology with floating diodes to deliver...
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// This is our take on a certain iconic, unobtanium overdrive. Are you having visions of prancing centaurs on the Siberian steppe yet? Kursk retains all the mojo of the classic circuit she draws inspiration from yet sports an...
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Mr. Boost

$99.99 On Sale
// The ultimate clean boost with 27dB of gain on tap for your ample tone loving needs. Mr. Boost is a transparent workhorse designed with a boot-strapped power supply that delivers 27dB of volume boost and up to 12Vpp of clean output signal from...
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// This is our take on a classic, well known Breaker-style overdrive circuit, tweaked to perfection and ready to rock your pedal board! Thresher is a high gain beast featuring parallel signal paths (clean/dirty), a unique and...
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Valve Reaper

// Limited 100 unit production. Almost out of stock! A practical distortion machine with attitude! Purposely designed to deliver musical signal clipping across the entire frequency spectrum.  The Valve Reaper employs a unique parallel...
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