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Two Unique Overdrives In One

The G777 is a flexible workhorse that will enable you to get the most from your signal chain. You will not find a more purposely designed dual overdrive.

With tons of headroom and wide dynamic range, the G777 is designed to push your amplifier (or other pedals) into saturation while providing flexible EQ options.

The Triple 7 is a transparent overdrive; do not expect baked in Tube Screamer style mid-frequency compression or heavy fuzzed out distortion. This pedal will certainly bring out the best in your chosen pickup and amplifier combination.

Expect gnarly overdrive with both channels stacked and pushed hard; the G777 delivers on demand - when you want it.

Notable Features

  • Boosted power supply with 30 volts of dynamic headroom (+/- 15V) 

  • Two mechanically isolated channels 

  • Transparent buffered input/output 

  • Unique gain and EQ topology 

  • Post signal boost (Channel #2 ) 

  • Accepts standard 9VDC power supply (not included)

  • Designed, assembled, and tested in the USA

Both channels may be used in isolation and are designed to stack and compliment one another for maximum versatility: tons of soft clipped overdrive and dynamic headroom to keep things interesting. Discover what 30 volts of boosted headroom brings to your tone!

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 22 ratings)
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Excellent Versatile Awesome Boost
Written by Pat Walsh on Oct 27th 2018

The Greenchild G777 is absolutely brilliant. It is now My go to pedal leaving all my other boost pedals gathering dust. It makes My Vox AC15HW1X Sing Sweetly and Growl Nastily and everything in between. It oozes Quality Tone and I Love it.

"My sound" now.. every show I get compliments on my tone
Written by Kevin Gerber on Aug 16th 2018

Im THE pickiest fx customer, i find flaws w every overdrive.. i returned Angry charley,Pinnacle,BE-OD,about 5-7 others..before that i had the same ts9 for 9 years. SL Drive stayed on my board for 6 months,it was ok..good size..nothing else was even close to useable, i slways heard the dry signal in the background,or subtle EQ changes,overcompressed..etc The Greenchild G777 is like having a third amp channel that sounds like your amp..but better,more classic rock,without that slab of mid feel like TS's.. It has a green channel that is not compressed,and a red channel that seems more compressed, perfect as a hit of NOS to get the green channel sustaining and oozing pinch harmonics, Both channels have just the right EQ points to be right at every setting.. Beautiful rnclosure,silent,soft switches.. lightweight like...so light

Written by Norm Noullet on Jun 20th 2018

My amp was already warmed up when this thing arrived, so immediately plugged it in. At first I thought it sounded just okay, but then realized my Fulltone OCD was on. With it turned off, the Greenchild wowed me! So many subtle variations on tone. This will be the only distortion on my pedalboard. Thanks Mason!

I can stop now.......
Written by Tim Hern on May 30th 2018

I've spent the past year trying, buying and selling overdrive's (probably 20 or more), never being completely satisfied with any one. I am officially stopping the search. THIS is the one for me!

Greenhill G777 overdrive pedal
Written by Ray M. on Jul 16th 2017

This is not just about overdrive, it's about tone. You can get some gorgeous sounds out of this pedal. Really useful if your guitar/amplifier is too clean, this little monster will push then into places they have not been to before. It not cheap, but it's very well built and made with high quality components. You definitely get what you pay for. Check out YouTube for videos of this pedal in action.

Finding Inspiration - G777
Written by Joseph B. on Jun 3rd 2017

I plugged the G777 in, I listened, I played… and I didn’t want to stop. A new pedal does not always bring new inspiration, the G777 did. Ordering was easy, notification of shipping was quick, packing/packaging was top notch. The G777’s look, sound and build quality are Pro all the way. I contacted Mason via email, soon after using the pedal, with a few questions. He was quick to answer all questions. I have a few tone samples posted on Instagram @mojoeboes I’m sure there will be more to come. Thanks, man. Mojoe

Coolest drive pedal ever
Written by Michael F. on May 13th 2017

I love the G777! One of the most versatile drive pedals I've ever used (and I have a ton of 'em). Super transparent, smooth sweet. I love the range in gain and tone, and being able to stack the 2 channels gives so many options. My new favorite tones! <(((><

Greenchild G777
Written by Dan A. on Apr 15th 2017

I recently purchased the Greenchild G777 and even though I have not had much time with it yet I feel that it is a very flexible pedal offering two different types of overdrive but which are very compatible when "stacked" together. I especially like the fact that if you are willing to "tweak" the pedal you can find lots of spaces where the overdrive doesn't take over your amp or guitar. The build quality is very good and I look forward to having the G777 as an important part of my pedal chain for a long time to come. Thanks to Mason at Greenchild for creating this very enjoyable and useful tool ! Dan Anthony Brampton, Ontario CANADA

great tool for getting your
Written by Bill L. on Apr 4th 2017

great tool for getting your front end warmed up.

Written by Christopher B. on Mar 20th 2017

I have used this pedal for about 2 weeks and have loved it. Having two chanels is awesome. It's super easy to get more distortion and clean up. There are so many great tones you can get out of this pedal and it is very easy to use. Definitely one of the best pedals I have gotten.

Love It !!
Written by John Boswell on Mar 14th 2017

Got this pedal the weekend and just love it. So many sounds available, its just killer. Highly recommended for sure.

Wonderful tone
Written by John B. on Mar 9th 2017

I can't get enough of this pedal. So versatile and the sound is exactly what I'd hoped for. Thanks for making it!

Great piece of gear!
Written by Bruce R. on Mar 7th 2017

The G777 does exactly what I hoped it would do, and does it very well. The advertised headroom was obvious immediately, and I love the way the Triple 7 pushes the amp. Notes come out of this thing nice and punchy, and I can get a clear, sweet transparent drive sound at any volume level. Listeners noticed the improved clarity and punch immediately. The tone shaping controls work great for me. So far, the combination of tilting and scooping on Channel 1 has gotten me the sound I want every time. This is a great piece of gear. It's the good stuff. A keeper as far as I'm concerned. It knocked two other (quite good) pre-amp and drive pedals off my pedalboard. The Triple 7 definitely makes the guitar sound good, and when the guitar sounds good, people gonna be dancing!

Written by Grant T. on Feb 27th 2017

Just got a chance to use the G777 with my 3rd Power plexi head at stage volume. Really sounds great and with more time tweaking, it very likely could knock two pedals off my board after many have failed to do it! Kicking output and versatile eq make it a real contender. Cheers, Grant Tye

First pedal in my chain, acting as Tone Boss in Chief!
Written by Chris on Feb 2nd 2017

This pedal was bought out of pure curiosity. A two channel preamp/EQ/overdrive, with superb specs? What's not to be curious about? This is a great addition to my board, and it has made it to first pedal in my chain. I use a number of odd guitars, some overdrive, compression and delay and currently a Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket. I use the G777 to EQ my guitars so they all work with the same rig, to boost the overdrive pedal, to compensate for guitar output differences, and more. Between my Blackstone Mosfet overdrive and the G777, I can have all the tones I need. Boosting the OD or the amp with a mid bump, or a scoop, or both. It has to be the most versatile my rig has ever been. Couldn't be happier and whole heartedly recommend it !!

Unbelievable Pedal
Written by Jack Thompson on Jan 23rd 2017

Hi folks, After seeing Nick Johnston play this pedal via one of his video threads, I've been curious ever since. I happened to be in the right place at the right time at a local music shop in MN, and here I am a few weeks later writing a review: buy this. I've used the pedal in a lot of different settings now and am continually wowed. The parameters are terrific in the sense that you can dial the gain way back and still achieve that screaming crispy clean tone - which is indeed as we know the secret sauce to any Gilmour or Hendrix chaser. Not to mention all of the other sculpting parameters, like tilt and focus. I've used it in metal/djenty type settings too and it acts as an excellent icing on the cake; which I found really surprising. A lot of the ODs I've tried in the past have only done this to marginal effect, often getting to "fizzy." This pedal: absolutely not. Full disclaimer: I don't play a ton of djent or metal, but found it extremely useful in this context if you were going to. So that being said, I've mainly used it in blues/jazz contexts, with the puck of some single coils in my strat. The green channel really is the real deal if you want just an extra nudge to be articulate. Engaging both channels adds a little dirt to the articulation, with a bit extra of sustain IF you want it - otherwise it still stays very clean. The thing I've come to admire most about this pedal is that it can really maintain the integrity of your guitar and amp set up. Best, Jack

Cool tone controls
Written by Sean on Jan 18th 2017

Way too much fun stacking two independent drives in one pedal! It feels more like additional amp channels. I'm guessing it has something to do with the high headroom which makes it easy to stack with other pedals as well. The different tone options on each side really allows me to dial in exactly what I want. Any time I hear original design I’m in and this is loud rock n roll in a box. Great job!

Impressive Design and Performance
Written by Tony on Jan 16th 2017

This pedal provides plenty of tonal range and flexibility. It plays well with any combination of amp and guitar. In a live situation you can dial in just the right amount of boost or saturation to be heard clearly in the mix. Having two independent channels that can be stacked is a nice plus. A very versatile unit!

Mid Boosts Galore!
Written by The Mothership on Jan 3rd 2017

The G777 is quite the power house, great all around OD but I think the best thing about it is the mid control (close second to the Focus knob) since it's not necessarily voiced in any particular way there is a lot of room EQ wise, using the mid knob allowed me to sit where I wanted in the band mix; back it off to sit between the toms and meld with the rhythm a bit more or bump it up to soar above the cymbals and get that nice bluesy bite! 10/10!

Go Green!!
Written by Todd Mihan on Jan 2nd 2017

I’m very happy with my Greenchild G777! It’s a very versatile dual overdrive/boost pedal offering a wide range of tones and sounds great on anything I throw at it - Tele, Les Paul, Strat. Best of luck in 2017! Go Green!!

One of the best of 2016!
Written by Gabor (SuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow) on Jan 2nd 2017

Do yourself a favour and get your hands on a Greenchild G777...super versatile tones, superb build quality & design and to top it all off Mason is an absolute pleasure to deal with! One of the very best pedals of 2016!

Double Good
Written by Michael Lott on Dec 31st 2016

The G777 is an incredible overdrive with 2 times the goodness. I'm a big fan of Overdrives, prior to acquiring the G777, my effect line included the Hot Cake followed by the Cult Germanium. I was able to achieve the same quality and tone in under a minute of AB testing with the G777. The diversity of this pedal is truly outstanding. I was turned onto Greenchild after having caught a podcast from the Guitar Geeks and their reaction to the triple 7 sent me searching. They could not have been more on point with regard to this pedal. It is an inspiring piece of gear and a ton of fun to work with. I could not be happier with this pedal and it is now a fixture in my line. The form factor, design present a sharp aesthetic and the ergonomics are well defined and intuitive. All said an done, it really comes down to tonal quality at which this pedal excels. As a qualifier, I am a hobbyist not a pro, but I have been playing Rock, Blues and Jazz for 40 years. I have 5 OD's and 3 Boosters in my collection, all of excellent quality and the G777 has become a standout. Love it! ~m