Let's Talk Dynamic Headroom

It's Friday, so we should talk dynamics!

Have you ever wondered what dynamic headroom is all about?

It's simply the ability of an amplifier to handle short bursts of power without overloading the device. Strong, short signal peaks are very common in music.

Many high end hifi amps are equipped with clipping indicators. When the amplified signal hits the limits of the amp's power rails we generally get nasty intermodulation distortion and the clipping indicators light up. Not good for studio monitors, iPods, or the home stereo.

As guitar players we love to overload our amps, so generally speaking we don't like dynamic headroom unless we're going for a super clean tone.

But, is there a place where we actually want dynamic headroom in our guitar's signal chain?

The answer is definitely yes, and I'm glad you asked!

As guitar players we love to push the 12AX7 tubes in our favorite tube amps into sweet singing overdrive from our pedal chain.

This is where a simple "clean" volume boost pedal with lots of dynamic headroom really shines.

The boost should take whatever signal you feed it and the output should be loud, clear, and undistorted.

Dynamic headroom in a boost pedal is key; ideal for driving your amp into saturation with the strong, unadulterated signal coming off your pedalboard.

It sounds simple in practice but can be difficult to achieve when we're only working with 9 volts of headroom.

Unfortunately not all boost pedals get it right.

But like I always say, every guitar player needs at least one good boost in their signal chain.

Never compromise your tone!

Rock out,

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